About Us

Glipsgo is based in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona and can be contacted at support@glipsgo.com or writing to us at 4400 N. Scottsdale Rd 9-211, AZ 85251

Glipsgo is hands on we have built a web based program that both client and service providers have been waiting for.

Since 1995 Glipsgo has been observing and collecting the needs and wants of the service provider industry. Our goal is to provide good service and product. Glipsgo strives for competitive new ideas and service implementation while giving access to a basic and innovative business platform for service providers and client users.

By providing 24/7 access to businesses, business users can expand and market themselves. With convenient tools, offering clients easy access to their service providers for individual and group booking at various locations. Glipsgo offers a dynamic and unique platform.

Glipsgo provides a time saving and beneficial service for all users. We look forward to years of professional, diverse and expanding relationships.